Sales Development Representative (SDR)


Position Summary
As a Sales Development Rep (SDR) trainee, you will be generating apppointments with qualified VP and Director-level talent acquisition leaders. For you, closing the deal means getting such a person to invest their time in an appointment with us!
Your Responsibilities
This is an outbound sales situation and your new day in life will include:
1) Getting Meetings with C-Level Executives You're primary responsibility is to get meetings between VP-level people at our prospective customers. Once you have gotten a prospect to show up for a phone meeting, another sales person on our team will take the lead on the meeting.
This might include:
• Emailing, phone or visit Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and Vice Presidents of Talent Acquisition at Fortune 1000-type companies.
• Succinctly communicating our value proposition.
• Asking if they are the appropriate person to meet with me (the CEO).
• Setting up the meeting.
2) Qualifying Customers -- We already have many companies and decision-makers partially qualified. You will now:
• Get the email addresses for the decision-makers we have not qualified
• Research and qualify companies by certain attributes, including companies that look like our existing customers.
Methodologies -- Ongig believes in selling methodologies that embrace doing the right thing for the client. They include:
Strategic Selling
Challenger Selling
SPIN Selling
Your Skills & Abilities
You should have one to five years experience selling to enterprises. You have:
Experience using a CRM -- We use Nutshell, a slick CRM from the company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Written emails to decision-makers
Made phone calls to decision-makers
A healthy ego (you are very confident
High empathy (you easily put yourself in others' shoes)
Your Team
You are on the Sales and Marketing team and will work closely with Account Executive salespeople as well as team leads focused on content marketing and client success.
Compensation & Benefits
Once you successfully finish your training, and are accepted as a full-time Ongig sales professional, you will be eligible for the following compensation in year one:
• Base Salary = $36,000 to $60,000 per year (depending on experience)
• Commissions are performance-based and will equal $18,000 to $30,000 per year.
You may also earn generous equity. This is the ground floor
About Us
Ongig is a funded startup and our mission is to transform job descriptions to enable employers to attract the best talent. The 3 words that define Ongig and our partners are Bold, Unique and Agile.
We Welcome All!
Ongig is committed to building a team with a diverse set of perspectives. We value the merits of your productivity above everything else.

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